If the phones and internet were to die tomorrow

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if the phones and internet were to die tomorrow??

Well, to be honest, it will all depend on how much we use the internet and mobile phones in our life. For some people, it is as important as the air and water. While few others would be hardly using it in their day-to-day lives.

What would the world be like without phones and the internet?

People would start having a social life instead of a social networking life. People would start sharing their sorrows or happiness in person with their family or friends, instead of posting it on Facebook or Instagram. There will be a greater emotional bonding within people.

As a family, there will be more bonding among the kids and their parents. They would sit together and watch a show on TV rather than browsing youtube videos and watching them alone. A strong bond will in turn lead to better communication and upbringing of the kids.

Kids will take up more outdoor activities, hence leading to better health and wellness.

People would travel more, explore on their own and not just google the places to make a virtual tour. We will start relying on locally grown foods and utilities in turn helping the small business to grow.

Everyone in the same room would be ‘mentally’ present to listen to each other. With the phones around, often you find your spouse/children just physically present but not mentally with you or even listening to you. Again, another reason for a strong bonding amongst family or friends.

image source:pexels.com

We will go back to our old school of thought of using books, and physical libraries would take a significant place. We will once again cherish the beauty of borrowing books, scanning them, and then make a trip to return them. Little joys which were lost in the name of technology would make a comeback once again.

But like every coin has two sides, technology has its mark in our life.

I think first and foremost the world economy would crash! It will have a massive impact on businesses. Millions would be jobless leading to starvation and death. Our access to information and resources would be very limited, hence personal growth would be limited too.

Though technology has its significance, we should remember that the internet and phones were not what got us here today. It was just a technological invention that paved the way for the future. If we were one of those who had been in the era when there was no internet and phone, as human beings I am sure we would learn to adapt to a life without them.

How do you think the world will change if the internet and phones were to die tomorrow? Do let me know your thoughts on this ‘unlikely’ scenario !!ll